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Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Rainbows

Every month, my Kindergarten students take home a "Family Homework Project" to complete with their families. This activity encourages conversation and excitement about our theme for the month with parents and siblings at home.  When the students bring the completed project to class, we take time to share the creations.  We focus on speaking and listening standards when sharing these family projects.  Students practice being "Superstar Listeners" and Superstar Speakers" during our share time.  This is something we have worked on building and improving upon all year. This anchor chart helps us stay on track and remember the expectations for speaking and listening.
 For the month of March, our family project was Kindergarten Rainbows.  The students and families did a great job coming up with creative ways to decorate their rainbows.  These creations are a bright addition to our hallway bulletin board! Thank you to all of the families for their continued support of our monthly projects! The students love to share their creations with their friends!  How do you encourage family involvement in your Kindergarten classrooms?  I would love to hear new ways to increase the school-home connection!

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