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Kindergarten Fall Activities

Are You Looking For Kindergarten Fall Activities? Happy Fall Y'all! Here are some great ways to break up your day and have ...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kindergarten Fall Activities

Are You Looking For Kindergarten Fall Activities?

Happy Fall Y'all!

Here are some great ways to break up your day and have some fun with your Kinders and the new season.  Fall is finally here!!!  Fall is my favorite season and I absolutely love all of the fun we have in Kindergarten during this time of the year. So, what's happening in our Kindergarten classroom right now? Well...we have finally all settled in...I think! :)  The first month is so busy with just getting into the routine of everything.  I think that my sweet class has now all gotten to know each other and works well together! We do usually have new students throughout the year in our district, so we are always ready for a new friend and try to be flexible to ever changing schedules as well!  I have spent time over this last month figuring out what works for my students this year and what fits our schedule the best. Here are a few of the things that we will be busy doing over the next month.

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! 

  • I love to incorporate pumpkins into our lessons this time of the year.  Students love to learn about pumpkins, weigh them, compare/contrast them, write about and draw pumpkins and make pumpkin crafts!

  • We research and  make a pumpkin anchor chart that hangs in our classroom for students to reference throughout the month during writing activities.
  • We use the information from our pumpkin chart to make these cute little pumpkins books!
  • Here is a close-up of their pumpkin books. I use this activity to teach labeling and sentence writing.
  • This pumpkin poem is great for all kinds of word activities during the season. Students mix up and sort out the words during center time.  I also have a worksheet that students, cut, paste and glue to make the poem. 

Number Games

We use our pumpkin numbers to practice number recognition. The little ghost "hides" behind a number and students take turns guessing a number and peeking behind the pumpkin to see if the ghost is hiding there.  They all write the guessed numbers on a recording sheet which helps to practice printing numbers as well.  The students get such a kick out of trying to find the hiding ghost! I adapt this game to all seasons with different items (ex. the present hides behind a tree in December, the turkey hides behind the pumpkin pie in November).

Kindergarten Owls

  • Making these owls is one of my favorite fall crafts.  I have displayed them on our bulletin board a couple of different ways in the past.  The owls are a template that I just copy of different colored paper so the students simply cut and glue for this activity. If you would like a copy of the template, I would be happy to send it to you! Just send me an e-mail!

Fall Family Projects

These are a few of our family pumpkins.  Each month, there is a different themed project that is sent home for families to create together and return to class.  When these projects come back to school, students use their "Superstar Speaking" and "Superstar Listening" skills to share the projects in class

Kindergarten Halloween Crafts

  • We always end the month of October with these cute ghosts!  I love how different and unique they all turn out. :)

  • These colorful candy corns decorate our classroom in the fall as well.  This is a simple torn paper craft that is great for building and strengthening those little finger muscles! Tear and glue, tear and glue!

These activities are in addition to our daily language arts lessons that follow "Journeys" and our daily math lessons from "My Math"! My Math and Journeys continues throughout the year in our classroom, but I like to incorporate some activities that also coordinate with the seasons and holidays too!

So, that's it in a nutshell...that's what will be happening in our classroom during the month of October. If you would like to check out my daily schedule, and more information about our language arts and math pacing, keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post!

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